Why ProBooks

Freedom for your eBook readers

  • eBooks from ProBooks are available for all electronic eBook-readers and devices.
  • All eBooks are delivered in the ePub and Mobi format.
  • Your readers are not locked in; they are able to transfer our ebooks from one e-Reader platform to another e-Reader platform.
  • All eBooks from ProBooks are free of hard-DRM.
  • ProBooks has implemented the award winning ‘Watermarking / social DRM’ technology of Booxtream® in all our eBooks – that means an invisible watermarking in the digital file and a good looking (not on every page) Ex-Libris with the buyers name and email address, a footer after every chapter and an added page on the end of the book, with an disclaimer about the watermarking / social DRM.
  • Readers are allowed to make backups of the eBook.

Good for you as an eBook publisher / author

Its important to have a store you can link to, directly from your website

  • As a publisher or writer you get your own direct link to a publishers page with your ebook(s) (www.probooks.eu/publisher/youraccount)
  • As a publisher or writer you get your own direct link to every eBook (www.probooks.eu/books/your-title-slug)

All over the world

  • By using ProBooks you finally can earn a decent income by selling directly to your readers while giving your readers the freedom to read their eBooks on all devices
  • ProBooks sells your eBooks all over the world (all countries except Belarus, India, Russia, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand and Turkey)
  • ProBooks takes care of all sales-tax issues worldwide, including the MOSS system in all 42 EU countries

Low (none) initial costs

  • Automatic payment to publisher / authors by Paypal
  • Very low initial costs
  • No minimum number of sales per month

Freedom in content


  • You can offer coupon (discount codes) for a specific eBook
  • With or without ISBN number
  • Total freedom and still a decent protection of your content

Not exclusive

  • ProBooks is not an exclusive service; you can sell through Amazon, the iBookstore, Kobo and ProBooks, all at the same time. Every store has its own advantages.

Why unique?

We, a small publisher company by origin, were looking for an eBook platform:

  • Publish and distribute eBooks
  • eBooks protected by watermarking / social DRM
  • eBooks free of ‘hard’-DRM
  • Good pay-out ratio
  • Pays all sales-tax, worldwide, including the MOSS EU tax system
  • Easy way to link, for example, an illustration on a site direct to a book in the store
  • A landing page for our eBooks, with our books only
  • A professional and neutral website’s name, neutral enough to use as a distributor as a publisher company

After a long search we were not able to find a company who had it all. So we created it ourselves. ProBooks.eu – has it all.

Register as a publisher / author

  • Every publisher or writer can apply for an international vendor account on ProBooks
  • Free account
  • Free uploading of your eBooks
  • You can start selling your eBooks without setup costs