Vendor details form

Vendor (publisher) details

  • ProBooks needs these additional details.
  • We are legally obliged to know who you are, if you are a natural person or a company and we need some form of ID.
  • No information is shared, unless we have to provide details for additional (ordered) services or on request of a government agency or tax office.

When everything is in order we send you:

  • End-User License Agreement ProBooks Web Service
  • Standard Service Level Agreement ProBooks Web Service

Both agreements have to be read, signed and send to:

This form is not the Vendor Registration Form

ProBooks Vendor details form
(please use same email as during registration)
(always fill in, also when it's the same email address)
(same name you choose with the registration
(if company: official company name)
Not your social sec. nr but the number of the ID itself
Tamaño máximo de archivo: 67.11MB
Name and photo need to be visible
Tamaño máximo de archivo: 67.11MB
Social Security number needs to be visible