System Help

things that can go wrong – if something can go wrong… it will

Watermarking of the eBook fails

  • An ebook can fail to watermark when the ebook file is invalid. We therefore strongly recommend to test your ebooks by validating and watermarking every ebook before adding them to your web shop.
  • To validate an ebook go to A proper ebook shouldn’t have any warnings or errors.

Buyer didn’t receive the link to the ebook

  • send a message to ProBooks requesting a refund for the buyer. We will provide the refunded and instructions how to order the eBook again.

Download link redirects to the page ‘Your download is not ready yet’.

  • It is possible that the watermarking process has not finished yet when a customer clicks on the download link.
  • However, if this takes to long, chances are that the ebook you are trying to watermark is invalid.
    If this happens you should check the Transaction page on the BooXtream Dashboard for any watermarking errors and cancel/refund the WooCommerce order manually.

Link to the landing page of the publisher (you)


Link to your eBook