Watermarking protection

Award winning technology

With this award winning technology from BooXtream®, every publisher can protect its digital content without sacrificing customer satisfaction.This technology offers the perfect solution. Every eBook sold is unique, using advanced watermarking and personalisation features.

Traceable eBook protection

The ePub ebook files contains visible personalisation and multiple invisible watermarks in all data files, without sacrificing compatibility. The system uses multiple realtime protection algorithms that encodes not only information about the publisher, but also about the customer and the web shop. A publication that has been protected and personalised with this technique can be traced back to the shop and even to the individual customer.

Watermarking / social DRM

This technique is called Watermarking or Social DRM. The term Social DRM is confusing for some because it reminds people to the old-fashioned ‘hard-DRM’, the kind of encryption technique that made it really impossible to use an eBook on another platform.Because no ‘hard’ DRM is used by ProBooks, the customer can play or read the information on every device he or she owns.

Every language

The language of the ex-libris, the footer and the disclaimer are automatically the same language you choose when you create the book product in the Store.

Example of our social DRM in an eBook

Ex-Libris on the 2nd page of the eBook (direct after the title page)

Every chapter ends with a personalised footer text (not every page) 

  • In the same language as the book itself ‘this ebook is licensed to… with the name and email address of the customer (buyer).

Disclaimer on the last page of the eBook


  • Language of the disclaimer is the same as the eBook itself (in the example: Dutch) and is available in all common languages.
  • The upper part of the disclaimer mentions the name and email address of the customer (buyer).