Self publishing an eBook

eBook publishing and selling

You want to publish and sell your own eBook. On your own. Well, with a little help ‘self-publishing’ and selling your own eBook is not that difficult. (That doesn’t mean there is something wrong with having a publisher arranging it all, but that’s not for everyone).

The first thing you need is an ePub file. An ePub is, in fact, a collection of text, lay-out instructions, an index, fonts and some meta information like author, isbn. When its complete, its called an eBook.

eBook variations

There are several kinds of eBooks. The most important variations of eBooks are:

  • Epub (can be used on any device except the Kindle)
  • iBook (can only be used on a Mac, iPad or iPhone)
  • PDF (can be used on any device)
  • Mobi (can only be read on a Kindle)
  • Kindle AZW (can only be read on a Kindle)

The eBook service of ProBooks creates files for the reader (buyer) for all devices. That means that when you choose to publish your ebook with us, you only upload your ePub file and we take care of the other eBook variations, like Mobi files for the Kindle. Most distribution systems make you choose; which eBook format (variation) is best for your reader-public. With ProBooks you don’t have to make that choice; our eBook files are available for all readers and all devices.

More information about creating your own eBook: Click

Check your eBook

The file needs to be created according certain criteria, Most software programs or services do respect those criteria, but you better be sure. Check the quality of the file here:

The next step in publishing your eBook

The next thing you should do to start with the publication of your eBook, is apply for a vendor (publishers) account at Theoretically opening a vendor account is possible for everyone, as long as you are considered an adult in your country of residence.

As soon as the vendor (publishers) account is active you can upload your eBook (ePub) and start creating an eBook product. The whole process of submitting your eBook takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Wait for approval and after that your eBook is ready for distribution / selling. More information about the ‘submitting your eBook process’ can be found here.

Choice in eBook protection

Our system gives you the choice to choose no protection at all of choose for the personalization and watermark option. That means an ex-libris age, direct after the cover page, with the name and email address of he buyer in the eBook and a disclaimer on the end. Also added to the eBook is certain invisible code, used to know who bought what eBook. ProBooks implements this protection at the moment of sale, between payment and delivering the download link to the customer.


Once your eBook is available for customers, chances are you need to do something to attract customers and have them buy your eBook.

Website or blog promotion

Most publishers / authors create a website promoting their books. We advice to do the same. A simple website or blog, explaining what your eBook is about en where they can order the eBook with a link to the book-product-page on (example: is a good start.


If you know a little about your readers and how to target them, releasing a press-release is a very good next step. Make sure you add a link to your website or blog in the press-release and a link to the book-product-page on If you want, you can offer them a review copy of the eBook. If a journalist / reviewer wants a copy of your eBook, you can send us the necessary information and we will prepare the eBooks for you so you can send them the download link. More info: here


If you know your readers, changes are you also know some websites and blogs writing (targeting) for the same readers public. Of-course you already send them a press-release… But you also might send them an invitation to join the Affiliate Program. Joining the Affiliate program means they get a percentage of every ebook they sell on their site of blog. Information about the affiliate program.

Our service fee

From the total sales-price (excl. sales-tax) of the eBook you will receive about 70%. That means 30% for ProBooks but that includes the transaction fee, payment providers fee, personification / watermarking costs, affiliates fee and paying all the sales-tax in the country of residence of the buyer. More information about our service fees.


By now you are ready to earn some income by selling your eBook to the right public. Interested? Apply for a Vendor (Publishing) account here.