Customer Coupons

Our system provides you with the possibility to use coupons.

A coupon is a code that the customer can use to get a discount on one of your eBooks.

Yes, I want a coupon for my customers

send us an email with the following information:


  • Discount type (fixed amount or percentage)
  • Coupon amount (the amount in € or the percentage %)
  • Coupon Expiry date (no date is valid forever)

Usage Restriction:

  • Minimum spend (amount in cart) to be able to use the coupon
  • Maximum spend  (amount in cart) to be able to use the coupon
  • Individual use only (not in combination with other coupons)
  • Exclude sale items, yes or no
  • Product(s) (the name of the eBooks for the coupon discount)

Usage limits:

  • Usage limit per coupon (Example: Unlimited usage or 250 coupons – ‘the first 250 customers get…)
  • Limit usage to X items (Example: max 2 books in cart)
  • Usage limit per user (Example: 1x per user)
  • name of coupon (example SPRING-10)
  • Description of coupon ‘Spring discount on French Cooking with James’


  • Price of eBook cannot drop below €7,50 (minimum price in the store) after the coupon code
  • A 100% discount coupon code is possible if:
    – there is a Usage limit per coupon
    – you realise there still will be costs for distribution and personalisation of the eBook
    – we need a guarantee for a certain number of distributed eBooks
    – you agree with the costs for freely distributed personalised eBooks

Costs of creating a coupon code: