eBook Technical

Technical eBook Guidelines

  • The book has te be in ePub format (ePub 2)
  • If you don’t have a decent ePub file , see Creating an eBook
  • We strongly recommend to test your ebook by validating it on: validator.idpf.org
    (an eBook with errors cannot be watermarked)
  • ePub file name rules: ISBN_title_of_book.epub or: title_of_book.epub   (please no uppercase)
    Example: 9789402304312_children_who_changed_the_world.epub or: children_who_changed_the_world.epub
  • ISBN preferred, not mandatory.
  • Cover is mandatory, minimum size 400 x 600 pixels.
  • No blank pages in the eBook
  • Book illustrations in the shop should be (width/height) 400 x 600 pix. (if other size aspect ratio of 2:3)
  • Authors name has to be on the cover and in mentioned the eBook.
  • Publishers name has to be mentioned in the eBook (can be the same name as the author)
  • Number of downloads, between 1 – 3
  • Number of days the download links remains active: advice 2 – 5 days
  • Description: long description not used. Short description is used for all text