eBook Submitting – how

  • Requirements for submitting your eBook
  • Opening an ProBooks vendor account
  • Submitting an eBook in the ProBook store
  • upload ePub with uploading form
  • Sell Books

What you need before submitting the eBook:

  • A ProBooks Vendor account (approved and active)
  • ePub format file (ePub 2) including a cover (see eBook Guidelines)
  • The eBook should be validated on: validator.idpf.org
    (an eBook with errors cannot be watermarked)
  • Name the ePub file. This way: name_of_book.epub – Example: children_who_changed_the_world.epub
  • A cover file (JPG, PNG) minimum size (width/height) 400 x 600 pix. (ratio 2:3) as the product image
  • Optional some extra illustrations (max. 3) as the product gallery images
  • Title of your eBook
  • Description text about your eBook, maximum 300 words, for the (Long) Product Description. The text should be in the same language as the eBook itself, or in the language of your assumed public and the language of the eBook itself.
  • Short description text about your eBook, maximum 100 words, for the (Short) Product Description. The text should be in the same language as the eBook itself, or in the language of your assumed public and the language of the eBook itself.
  • The Regular Price for the consumer (that is the sales price excluding sales-tax / vat / iva)
    Formula (sales-price : 121) * 100    –    Example 12.95 : 121 = 0.107024 * 100 = 10.70 (remember; there is a minimum regular price to cover the costs and our margin)
    The system of ProBooks store adds the correct sales tax based on the buyers location.
  • You have to decide how many downloads you are going to allow; 1-5 times or even unlimited if you want. Readers sometimes read books on multiple devices, like a reader, an iPad and a laptop. Standard is no more then 3.
  • The number of days before a download link expires, like 2 or 5 days. Unlimited is possible but not always a good idea, because that means you have to keep the download link available and active forever.

Opening an eBook vendor account

  • Open a vendor account with ProBooks (https://www.probooks.eu/vendor-registration)
    – First name and especially the Last name should the same as your ID (for legal and tax reasons)
    – Choose your username carefully, since it’s used throughout the system and acts as a slug to your own shop-page (www.probooks.eu/publisher/youraccount)
    – It’s good practice to use the same email address as your PayPal account (for your publisher payments). If that’s not possible you can add a separate Paypal address later in the Vendor details form.
  • Wait for the approval (between 5 minutes and 3 days)

Submitting the eBook

  1. Log-in in your ProBooks vendor account (vendors, vendor dashboard)
  2. On the left click on ‘products’ and ‘add new’
  3. Fill in the Product name = title of your eBook
  4. Enter text (Long product Description) around 300 words (more words possible)
  5. Next step is ‘Product data’
    – Leave it on ‘simple product’
    – Check Booxtreamable if you want the social DRM to be implemented in the eBook
    – Check ‘virtual’ and ‘downloadable’ only if you want the eBook to be published with NO protection
    – Regular price with a monetary decimal (.)   –  Example: 12.95 (not 12,95)
    – Sales price: leaf empty
    – Commission: don’t change the percentage
    – Pass shipping/tax: Do not choose this; if appropriate we have to pay the taxes on the sale.
    – e-book file: if you uploaded the ePub file and ProBooks placed the ePub file in the Storage location for social DRM implementation, the title will be visible in the list, choose the right title. If the title is not visible yet: finish the product (book) and add the title later.
    – Enter the language of the book, if not in the list choose English)
    – Enter the Download limit (max. number of downloads) 2 or 3 is a good value
    – Enter Download Expiry (nr of days the download remains available) 3 is standard
    – Tax Class (if visible) has te be on ‘standard’
    – Generate download link for ePub (yes or no) for the buyer (advice: yes)
    – Generate download link for Mobi (yes or no) for the buyer (advice: yes)
    – Ex Libris: Choose a style, standard is: ProBooks Ex libris logo
    – Ex Libris Font: advice Serif, but the choice is yours
    – Chapter footer: a footer with name and email buyer after a chapter, yes or no
    – Disclaimer: page on the end of the eBook explaining the use of social DRM (advice: yes)
    – Include (buying) date in visible watermark: yes or no. (choice is yours)
    – Enter the Tax class; eBooks are ‘Standard’ at the moment
  6. Choose product layout: please don’t change
  7. Enter the Short Product Description (max 100 words)
  8. Choose your Product categories and Sub-categories (on the right of the screen)
  9. Enter some Product Tags like Reiki or Yoga or Detective or… You can enter more tags, separated with commas
  10. Set Product Image (not optional) 600 x 400 pixels (or same aspect ratio)
  11. Add Product Gallery Images images (optional)
  12. Click on ‘Submit for Review’
  13. Once the File (ePub) is uploaded tot the location for Social DRM you can add the file to the product (form)
  14. Important: when creating or editing your eBook product page, you will notice that you are able to provide different text for the different languages of the Probooks site. Its best not to use this; without any intervention by you the eBook will be visible to any visitor in any language. As soon as you edit one of the other languages (not English), your eBook will only be visible in the languages edited. You could however make good use of this option, if you really know what you are doing. Make sure you don’t suggest a book is written in a certain language because you wrote the description of the eBook in that language… A description in Spanish could suggest it’s a Spanish book, so be clear about that.

If you want to publish with no social DRM

  1. Uncheck Booxtreamable – for not implementing social DRM in the eBook
  2. Check ‘downloadable’ for the eBook to be published with NO protection
  3. Downloadable file(s): fields become visible when ‘download’ or ‘virtual’ is checked.
    – Choose file to upload to the system and upload.

Search Engine Optimization

Every eBook product has the option to optimise the product page for Search Engine Optimization so the page (your eBook) is better found by search engines like Google and Bing.

  1. Make sure the Yoast tab is expanded (click to change that)
  2. Choose a keyword (for example title eBook)
  3. Click on Edit Snippet (the snippet is the text mostly used in the list of search results on Google and Bing)
  4. Add a SEO title (best to include the title of your book…)
  5. Add a Slug (better same as SEO title)
  6. Add the Meta Description (about your eBook)
  7. Don’t forget to save/update the changes

This manual is especially written for www.ProBooks.eu  –  the eBook Publisher