eBook Publisher

Publisher guidelines

  • A publisher can be a company or a private person.
  • Publisher has te be an adult in the country of residence (minimum 18+ years old).
  • We don’t need a tax number for individuals authors
  • We do need a tax number for companies within the EU
  • We do need a proof of identity.

Legal guidelines

  • Publisher (you) remains the legal owner of the eBook.
  • ProBooks is a service-provider, a professional eBook oriented marketplace, you remain the publisher.
  • Unless otherwise stated you can cancel the contract at anytime.
  • Publisher (you) have the obligation to keep the download link intact until every buyer received their eBook.
  • You have to agree with our Guidelines and our Terms of Service to use our services.

Financial guidelines

  • You need a Paypal account to receive payments.
  • Prices of eBooks in our system are excluding sales-tax. The system shows the right retail price to the buyer, based on the buyers location and local sales-tax laws.
  • Although ProBooks pays the appropriate sales-tax in de buyers country, the publisher / author is responsible for company / personal tax.
  • For Publishers compensation and Sales-tax please read: ProBooks vendor tax facts