has a very simple fee structure

Our margin is based on the full retail price (excluding sales-tax)

Many serviceproviders don’t sell the books themselves, but through other platforms. Those platforms pay between 30 to 50% of the retail-price (exclusive sales tax) to the serviceprovider. After deducting the serviceproviders margin the author is left with a very small percentage of the original retail-price (example: 60% of 60% is only 36% for the author).

ProBooks is different is totally independent, from all reader platforms, and sells your ebook directly to the consumer (the reader) for the full retail-price. Because we sell direct to the consumer you, as the publisher, receive a bigger portion of the retails price. That means you can afford giving your ebooks a more realistic (lower) retail-price and still earn more per sold ebook. That’s a win-win situation for the publisher, the reader, and in the end for ProBooks. deducts the following costs on the full retail-price:

  • Fixed commission per ebook: 0,-
  • Percentage on the retail-price excl. sales-tax: standard 30% (including all costs)

Those costs include:

  • Social DRM, name and email address of the buyer and invisible markings
  • Financial handling; iDeal, debit-card, creditcard, PayPal etc.
  • Sales-tax administration (payment) in country of the buyer (including MOSS rules)
  • Use of the website 
  • link to personal page
  • Margin

Example eBook distribution calculation **

  • 12,95 retail-price incl. sales-tax
  • 10,70 retail-price (excl. sales-tax) in most EU countries
  • 0,- fixed
  • 2,67 percentage 
  • 8,03 payed to author

Minimum Price

  • You as the publisher can set your own prices for all eBooks.
  • Because of costs for handling, payment providers, watermarking service and a minimum margin there is a minimum price for an eBook
  • The minimum book price is: € 7,50 (excluding sales-tax).

Free eBooks

We do have a price-plan for companies or individuals who prefer to distribute their eBook for free, and wish to keep an certain amount of control.

  • Social DRM
  • Coupon system

Pricing example:

  • Free eBook distribution
  • Social DRM
  • Costs around € 2,- to – € 3,- per eBook
  • Setup costs for distributing a free eBook

Press version eBook

  • This is done manually
  • Please provide a list in spreadsheet format with the following fields:
    – name (journalist / reviewer)
    – email address
    – download link ePub file (leave this field empty)
    – download link Mobi file (leave this field empty)
  • Title of eBook
  • Do you want a link for an ePub file, a Mobi file or both?
  • Number of days the download links remain valid
  • Number of downloads allowed
  • ProBooks returns the list with the download links, ready for you to send a mailing
  • Costs handling € 60,- startup + € 3,- per eBook
  • Please book this service in advance 

Costs of creating a coupon code:

  • The fee of the service of creating a coupon is calculated on a hourly rate.
  • Indication: 30 minute. Based on a hourly rate of € 70,- that means € 35,- **


Setup costs

All examples are the costs for distribution of the eBook. Some accounts, like free distribution of with complicated coupons, have setup costs.

** Calculations are examples. Affiliate costs are an estimate. All prices in Euros.