Countries and Nexus

ProBooks and sales-tax on Ebooks


Citizens from the following countries can order our eBooks

  • In principle Worldwide (all countries)
    With the exception of: Belarus, India, Russia, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand and Turkey.
  • This is purely motivated by local nexus laws.

We are accepting publisher and authors from the following countries

  • Alle countries of the world.

Participants of our affiliate Program

  • Can have residence in all countries end sell without upper-limit, except: Belarus, India, Russia, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand and Turkey.
  • If you reside in of those exempted countries, you cannot become an affiliate because of their local nexus laws. To be exact; theoretically you could become an affiliate, but we are not able to pay you as long as you reside in one of this countries.

Local Restrictions:

Every country has their own local laws, both political and economical motivated. Those laws are subject to change and interpretation.

  • We ask you to respect the local laws of your country of residence, and ProBooks is not accepting any responsibility, in any form, if you break local laws or misinterpreted them.


  • Nexus means that, when doing business with local buyers or affiliates in some countries or states, some local tax offices demand you have a local branche / legal representation. Some countries have a certain threshold, others don’t. Because it’s not possible to have so many local offices we sadly decided we cannot accept any orders from those countries, meaning residents from those countries cannot order any eBooks and we cannot accept applications top become an affiliate, from those countries. It also means that when a customer or affiliate moves to one of those countries, we are obliged to cancel the user account.