Copyright & Ethics

Copyright eBook guidelines

Although no copyright is transferred to ProBooks in any way and we are not responsible for the content, we do have a set of guidelines.

  • The author had given permission to publish the eBook.
  • No transfer of copyright takes place from author or publisher to ProBooks.
  • Author / publisher remains the owner of the copyright.
  • Author / publisher needs to have the publication right to the eBook (not sold of transferred to someone else).
  • Autor of Publisher needs to have publishing rights of every illustration and every photo in the book, including the cover.
  • ProBooks has the right to ask for proof of copyright.
  • The name of the author on the book can be fiction, but the name in he ProBooks account has to be the real persons name.

Ethical eBook guidelines

  • No erotic books (porn).
  • Individuals: you can publish a biography about someone but cannot just ‘bash’ somebody.
  • Politics: an eBook can be about politics but we don’t allow any eBook connected to or promoting (directly or indirectly) a political movement or belief system that suppresses people, in the present or in the past, or has been part of warcrimes. Examples: Communism, Nazi Socialism, South American Socialism, Neo Nazi, extreme Islam or Che Guevara. That includes any other movement or belief system that has been known to have ties with them, or adopted (a part of) their vision.